About Mithila Mou Saha

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Hello everyone. I am glad you are all here learning about Mithila Mou Saha.

I describe myself as follow:

I am Mou Saha, born & brought up in a southern town of Bangladesh called Gopalgonj. Now live in Chittagong. After completing my BBA & MBA degree now I work as a Digital Marketer, SEO Expert & Content Creator for the last 2 years. I always like to learn something new. 

Here is my website. Find various marketing tips, ideas about freelancing, skill development tips, and many more in here. Learn new SKILL, Develop new IDEAS  & Grow your BUSINESS with ME.

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My interests:

Visit new places & cook new recipes that I am looking forward to. Body Fitness is my everyday GOAL. In my free time, I love to watch movies & read books.

Various skills:

  • Good communication skills. 
  • Official: MS word, Google docs. 
  • Databases: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets.
  • Web browsing.


Education Qualifatioication:

  • BBA Hons in 2017 ( Management ).
  • Master’s degree in 2018(Management).


Training :

  • Basic Computer course. 
  • Digital marketing. 
  • SEO Course.
  • Content Writing Course.

Individual Attributes:

I am a self-motivated person. Always ready to take on new challenges & learn new things. I recognize my liabilities & properly manage my projects. I am flexible to adapt to any new situation and bring the best out of me for you.

Thanks a million.

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